Reasons to Hire an Exterminator

People can try to treat a bedbug infestation on their own, but chances are they will need a destructive agent to totally eradicate the pests. Bedbugs are one of the most difficult home invaders to exterminate and one of the easiest to spread. They are making a resurgence in cities because of the high number of travelers and because the pesticides that were used to control them in the past are now banned.

Bed bugs are hard to get rid of, so hire an exterminator, like Sacramento Pest Control, with a proven track record.


Contact authorized exterminators or pest management companies with established qualifications. They may cost more, but people will save money in the long run because the job is more likely to be done correctly the first time around. Ask the exterminator about his or her experience with bedbugs.

Choose an exterminator who has expertise in bed bug infestations and can offer referrals and testimonials from satisfied clients. Bedbugs are more difficult to get rid than other types of pests. Ask the exterminator for an in-home appointment as this will allow them to see that bed bugs are truly the problem.

Talk to them about his or her proposed treatment plan. Get two or three opinions from different companies before making a choice.

Comprehensive planning

Choose the exterminator that offers the most comprehensive plan designed to control the pest problem, not the exterminator that gives clients the lowest price. Never believe an exterminator who claims he or she can get rid of bed bugs with one treatment. It takes weeks or months of work with a pest control specialist to completely eliminate bed bugs.

Expect to do as much work as the exterminator does. Sacramento pest control specialists will do various inspections and chemical treatments, but the homeowner will be responsible for cleaning, vacuuming regularly, reducing clutter, bug tracking, and mattress care between visits. If a person does not do their part, the process may not be successful.

Tips and Warnings

Talk to your landlord if you rent a house or apartment. Some states require the landlord to share the costs associated with bedbug infestations. If a person lives in an apartment complex, the landlord or management company will need to hire a pest control specialist to inspect and treat each unit in the building.

Make sure that a reliable specialist is hired from the start. Hiring professionals with a shoddy background may cost you even more in the end. For more information, contact a professional today.


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